Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh Yes...The Wickedly Divine Yvonne Mason and I Are At It Again!!

Greetings, Fiends!

Now that Yvonne has let the cat out of the bag...or should I say, the hilarity out of the bag...I am following suit.

For those of you who have wanted a third book in the When Fates Collide comedy/mystery series, penned by the two most raucous divas in writing today, Yvonne Mason and myself, did you really think we'd let you down?

Welcome the newest cover for WHEN FATES COLLIDE - ARM CANDY

The madam of modern flair, Debi DeSantos, has once again, come up with an ingenius, and might I add, oh so hilarious, cover for the newest adventure that takes Hope and Alex to the Caribbean paradise of St. Maarten.

The plot thickens, Hope has a brand new thrill awaiting her that she's so not thrilled about and Alex, as always, adds to the frivolity. Add two characters to the mix from Yvonne's book, The Pink Canary, and you have one heck of a hilarious time, guaranteed to keep you close to the bathroom, so you won't have any accidents. Otherwise, keep those Depends, handy. You're going to need them...

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